Establishing a quality management system is essential for us to develop and improve the quality and efficiency of our services and to continuously meet our customer requirements, as well as regulatory, normative and legal requirements.
Our policy reflects our commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment and enables us to measure our progress by monitoring our objectives and performance.

Each member of our team is actively participating in our quality management system in order to :

  • Create a safe, healthy and pleasurable working environment
  • Stimulate personal growth and develop on an individual level
  • Continuously improve the quality of our services and exceed customer expectations
  • Excel in our field of business and build a healthy sustainable organisation 

To reach these goals, CHEMFOR sets the following commitments :

  • We put our customers at the « heart » of our business

– Respect our commitments (deadlines, reactivity, pro-activity, compliance with safety rules & HSE procedures)
– Maintain permanent internal and external communication
– Provide human skills and equipment in line with customer requirements

  • Implement our quality system at every company level (rig site and management level)

– Daily monitoring on site with technical and logistical support
– Reduce our environmental impact by :
Optimizing logistics & reducing our carbon footprint
Optimizing and reducing drilling fluids volumes, drilled cuttings and waste volume

  • Sustain and develop the company:

– Improve our productivity
– Increase the number of services and their quality
– Manage, set and meet customer expectations
– Ensure the company’s profitability by optimizing all our services.

Each year, quantified objectives are defined to measure our commitment and achievements, and to follow the improvement dynamically.

We made a pledge that this policy is known and shared, and that all the QHSE implementation aspects are available to our employees.