Drilling Fluids

At CHEMFOR, we formulate our drilling fluid systems to meet the specific (wellbore) challenges of our clients. Fluid selection is driven not only by downhole technical challenges – we take into account all aspects of a drilling project. Our aim is to increase efficiency while reducing rig time, waste volume and transportation costs. Selecting the right fluid and optimizing it for each specific and local situation will give the best chance for success.

Our drilling fluids may be based on the following fluid systems :

Water Based Mud (WBM)

  • Prehydrated Bentonite/Spud mud
    – Gypsum/Lime
  • Potassium Chloride System
    – Potassium Carbonate System
    – Potassium/Polyglycol System
  • Potassium/Polyglycerol System
  • Saturated Salt System
    – Biopolymer System
  • Sodium Silicate System
    – Polyamine System (HPWBM)
    – High Temperature System

Low Toxic Oil Based Mud (LTOBM)

  • Low toxic, invert emulsion system 
  • Oil based HTHP fluid
  • Flat rheology OBM (deepwater applications)