Drilling Fluids Cycle and proposed treatments

Drilling Fluids

Water base mud, Polymer, inhibitives systems
(glycol, silicate & polyamine…), Oil base muds
& Synthetic base muds, HTHP mud systems.

Solids control

Centrifuges (hydraulic & electrical),
shaker & shaker screens, transfer pumps…



Reservoir drilling fluids, breakers, specialized tools
(scrapers, brushes…) filtration units, brines
(NaCl, NaBr, CaCl2, CaBr2, potassium formate…)


Centrifuges, dewatering & floculation units,
storage tanks (liquid & solids), cuttings
stabilisation, management of drilling cuttings to approved disposal centers

Oilfield equipment

CHEMFOR and its partners propose the design & manufacture of oilfield equipment for drilling fluids cementing jobs & stimulations.


Civil Works & Industry

CHEMFOR offers its expertise & equipments for several services in the industry for water/fluid treatments but also for several civil works operations.